Monday, February 14, 2011

Holiday Hearts

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone! I hope you spend it in the spirit of love, be it by spending it with those you cherish or by celebrating how awesome you are.

I love the red heart motif surrounding Valentine's Day. Hearts can be lovely and innocent, but through the right lens can easily be made into something little more…merrily morbid.

This year, in honor of the holiday, I bring you a handful of the sweetest, most “heartfelt” crafts I’ve come across lately.

First off, I have to share this amazingly beautiful crochet hat my good friend Dana Koster made for me as part of our now-annual craft swap. Not only did she whip this up in my favorite shade of red, she appliqued an adorable human heart to it. This is without a doubt my new favorite hat.

Dana also gets credit for pointing me towards this wee, blown-glass heart, made by Kiva Ford. I love how it looks suspended in space.

Anatomology is my favorite jewelry store these days, which you can tell from my recent Geek Crafts post. There are numerous heart-based designs, my favorite of which is this heart-in-hand necklace.

If I could go back in time to my wedding and register for tableware, it would be for these “Eat Your Heart Out” dinner plates by Folded Pigs.

What to serve on such plates? Why, heart-shaped cookies, made with this custom-made cookie cutter by West Tinworks!

Of course, the set wouldn’t be complete without some sweet anatomical diagram tea towels to dry them with, right? By Girls Can Tell.

Someday, when I win the lottery, this will be the first opulent thing I buy: an 18K gold anatomical heart locket, embellished with diamonds (because not only hookers can have hearts of gold, y’know).

Made by Peggy Skemp, who also offers a sterling silver heart for those of us who are still playing the numbers.

Now, off to celebrate with the Professor with some micro-brew beer at Triple Rock Brewery, our special Valentine's Day place. Don't judge. They're cracking a "White Chocolate Milk Stout" in honor of the holiday (well, and SF Beer Week). It's festive!


SewHappyGeek @ excellcrafts said...

I love the heart hat, that's way cool! Nice locket too...I'm more of a bones gir myselfl, but I do thank you for the crazy etsy shop link!

Sherezada said...

Thanks! I do love bones as well. Check out Folded Pigs' "Bone Appetit" plate at some point. I adore them, too.

Drake Sigar said...

I think I prefer the heart symbol instead of the arteries!

Sherezada said...

That's where you and I differ, Drake. ;)

LOCA said...

All this is bomb!


Sherezada said...

Thanks, Denise!