Saturday, February 19, 2011

"Don't Puke" Cross Stitch

It's a rainy Saturday afternoon on a holiday weekend. Which means curling up under blankets with steaming mugs of coffee and pan dulce. Mmmm.

I mentioned in my last post that my friend Dana and I had successfully completed year two of our annual craft swap. I showed you the awesome hat she crocheted me, but I didn't show you what I sent her.

Don't Puke Cross Stitch (Framed)

Dana requested a piece similar to one she'd seen posted on Apartment Therapy's tour of Liv and Jeff's Long Beach home.

After trying to figure out if the pattern was available, I contacted Liv at her blog, A Lovely Little Life, who told me she'd designed it herself.

I figured this was a good chance to make a custom one for Dana, so I asked her to pick her font and color scheme. The border I adapted from my copy of Donna Kooler's 555 Fabulous Cross-Stitch Patterns.

Don't Puke Cross Stitch

The result? A uniquely Dana cross stitch, ready to tell her cats to keep their hairballs to themselves.

I'm thrilled to announce that the week she got the swap package, she got an even more special delivery: she gave birth to her first child! Big congrats to her and her amazing husband Justin on the birth of their beautiful baby boy.

What's next on my crafting plate? I have another couple of geeky embroidery projects transferred and ready to stitch, plus a cross stitch pattern I'm developing. I'm really excited by it, but it's taking longer than I thought! I also have another couple of cool craft-related announcements to make later, but right now I've gotta keep things under wraps to not jinx anything. I promise I'll tell soon.

Now, to stitch, and enjoy the patter of rain on the window.


SewHappyGeek @ excellcrafts said...

I love it! You did such a brill job on it, you clever girl! So funny :)

Sherezada said...

Thank you, Jenna! Though the idea credit totally goes to Liv. I was just following my friend's orders!


LOve it!! "Don't Pule" done in cross stitch. How cool is that!

LOVE your blog


Sherezada said...

Thank you so much, Leonid!

I took a peek over at your blog, and I have to say I love your illustration style! Looking forward to seeing more.

Jj said...

Hah! I love this. And had no idea it was for a cat (as I'm a barfer when I imbibe too much). :) Perfs!

Sherezada said...

Thanks, Jj! I totally know some humans who need this, too. ;)

LOCA said...

Ooh I love this! Except I don't need it for my cat, I need it for myself!