Monday, January 18, 2010

A Day for Staying In

The rain is alternating between pattering and sheeting down my window. I'm declaring it a "hunkering down" sort of day, filled with warm and soft things, like knitting, and rice porridge with apple bits and dried cranberries.

I have to admit, I'm not a fan of winter. At all. So I constantly have to remind myself the things I actually enjoy about this dreary season. Like Satsuma mandarin oranges. Lots of soup. Having the spouse home for weeks while he's on winter break from the colleges. Knitting:

Winter dishcloths

My first attempt at making dishcloths with cotton yarn. The pattern is from Kris Knits, which has a wide selection of lovely themed patterns. These are from the "Winter Wonder" Set. The little one on the right is supposed to be a snow flake. It was made on size 3 needles, and I have to say, my fingers were killing me after I was done. So, I made the next one on size 8 (which were the only ones I had with me at the time), and it came out a little too loose. It's hard to see the Capitol Building with the star on top (or "winter hat," as the pattern calls it). I'm making another dishcloth from a different pattern, and using size 7. I think that may be the ticket for me.

Another thing I like about winter: cooking and baking cheesy, stick-to-your-ribs dishes with impunity, like this Cauliflower and Carrot Gratin:

Cauliflower and Carrot Gratin

I've been experimenting more in the kitchen, partially due to my new, more relaxed schedule...which means a smaller budget to work with as well as more time. It's also due in part to the new "Grub Box" I've signed up for through The People's Grocery, who delivers a box of fresh, local produce to my office building twice a week. The veggies in this grautin came straight from the box, and I have to say, tasty as it was, it was almost a shame to cover the delicious veggies with sauce. Next time I may just steam 'em. But that's what experimenting is about, no?

Today, amidst my crafting and cooking, I will also take a few minutes to remember why today is special. Happy Birthday, Dr. King. Your dream helped tranform America, and has inspired generations to continue your work towards a more just and peaceful world for all.


Brook said...

oh my goodness its like niagra falls outside today... I hate the winter as well... and this rain is killing me! Luckily it was so bad it knocked the power out at my work and i got to go home early!!! yippie!!! I miss reading your blogs! how have you been? Im still so mad I didn't stop to visit you in San Fran... BF was having minor meltdown while driving in SF... literally I thought we were going to die in a car accident... there is always next time!!!

Sherezada said...

Hey you! Sorry it's taken me so long to reply! Things have been kinda crazy in my land, though they're finally settling down a bit. I hope things are well with you!

No worries about not stopping in...driving in SF can drive about ANYONE insane, even the locals!

I hope the weather's clearing up for you and you're getting some sun. Spring is coming soon!!!

Heather said...

That looks DEE-LICIOUS!