Friday, March 13, 2009

Mouth: Chocolate + Bacon = Pure Heaven

At this very second, delicious, creamy milk chocolate is melting on my tongue, studded with tantalizing gems of alderwood smoked salt and real applewood smoked bacon.

Holy mother of good confections.

I resisted Mo's Bacon Bar for months, partially for the hefty price tag (I'm sorry, $7 is definitely in the realm of silly for a candy bar) and because it sounded Odd in that trendy, "flavor of the month" way, when bacon has been popping up in everything from ice cream to scarf patterns.

This, however...this is sheer perfection.

It's like toffee. But saltier and richer.

Thank you hormones, for making me cave in today. It's made my final Friday stretch almost joyful.

The only thing that could make this chocolate bar better was if it were shaped like a flying pig. I so hope there's one in my Easter basket this year.


woo said...
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Howie said...

Since you're in bacon-chocolate heaven, here's a baconized version of this blog post ;) If I can find a site that overlays chocolate, then the combo will be complete!

Your blog is full of skill and loveliness!

Sherezada said...

Aw, thanks, Howie! Nothing like waking up to a big ol' hunk of bacon on your blog. ;)

Your own site is full of artistic awesomeness. Looking forward to sitting down and watching your films!

Brook said...

that sounds good yet gross.... The local gelato place had "mystery flavor" and I couldn't guess what it was... it was bacon... and it was good.... where have you been ? I miss you! haahah

Sherezada said...

I'm still alive, hon! Just shaking off some winter doldrums and quietly crafting away. Getting back into the swing of things, though!

I was totally against the whole baconization of sweets, but really, this chocolate bar works! :)