Sunday, March 8, 2009

Hand: Swapety Swaps (Image Heavy)

As I mentioned before, I've been crafting like crazy the past few weeks, but haven't been able to share my projects since they were all part of one swap or another. Well, swaps are finally concluded, and now I can share both my creations and the lovely stuff I received in kind!

First, my most recent (and I think favorite) swap with my old friend Dana, The Geek Girl Friday. I stitched her a Black Apple Bunny (from the Sublime Stitching pattern):

Green Bunny

And she custom made me a gorgeous set of mosaic cupcake coasters!

Cupcake Coasters

Here's a detail of my favorite one:

Cupcake Coasters (detail)

Personally, I think I got the better end of this deal. Mosaic is still a mystery to me as a craft, and to see such a cute design in glass is just amazing!

The other swap I was a part of was the Ultimate Whedonverse Swap on It was a lot of fun, but I admit I find the whole "point system" a little stressful.

I made many crafty little things for my partner, all inspired by Buffy the Vampire Slayer (which was her favorite of the Whedon canons).

My outgoing swap package

The big thing was a cross stitch I designed with a quote from Anya, the former vengeance demon who found herself winning in the "Game of Life" boardgame.

Anya speaks my language

But, I have to say my favorite was my Spike-inspired pincushion with Slayer-stake quilting pins:

"Rest in Peace" pincushion

The quote is from the musical "Once More with Feeling" episode: "If my heart could beat, it would break my chest, but I can see you're unimpressed." What I really love is that it's in glow-in-the-dark thread, which I thought was very appropriate for a vampire's heart (which was based off Sublime Stitching's "Vital Organs" pattern set).

In return, my partner (craftster KCFirecracker) made me the most spiffy Firefly-inspired spats:

Spats Jig View

She also made me the most lovely pillow case I will ever own:

Faith Applique Pillowcase Close-Up

It's a beautiful applique based off my favorite cover of BtVS season 8. Check out the source image:

I love the texture so much:

Faith Applique Pillowcase Detail

It's been a swap-happy couple months, but I think it's time for a little break. My fingers have been itching for some bigger, more involved projects, and I have something in mind that may just fit the bill.


Emily said...

You made and received some lovely things. I agree, that pillow case is great!

Dana said...

I'm pretty sure I got the better end of the deal with the bunny, but it's probably good if we're both gloating over what we received.

Since I'm moving back to Cali in a few months, do you want a mosaic lesson?

Sherezada said...

Thanks, Emily. :) I still haven't put in on the bed, I need to buy a proper pillow for it!

Dana, I would LOVE a mosaic lesson! Let me know when you're set up, and Adam and I can make a trip to the Valley to see ya.

Penny Nickels said...

I can't stand it! I love/am jealous of everything in this post! The comics, the musical, firefly... Knock it off with the awesomeness!