Monday, January 19, 2009

Hand: Sublime Stitching Up a Storm

Black Apple Bunny

When I promise embroidery goodness, I deliver!

I've been a busy little stitching bee since my last crafty post, mainly due to that pesky Christmas thing, and then to that mandatory down time called "healing."

The bunny above is from Sublime Stitching's Black Apple pattern, which I fell in love with. I wanted to make a little something for myself amidst all the gift stitching, and this is what I came up with.

Black Apple Tea Towel
This is a tea towel I stitched for a good girlfriend of mine. I was going for a sort of Edward Gorey-esque look with the colors and stripes.

Black Apple Tea Towel (detail)
Close-up on the little bee and banner.

Nacho Libre Tea Towel
This is a "Nacho Libre" towel I stitched up for another good friend. She loves that movie like crazy, and I thought the Sublime Stitching lucha libre masks in the "Craft Pad" would make a great gift for her.

Nacho Libre Tea Towel (Detail)
Close up of Nacho. I tried to keep Nacho looking as true to the movie character as possible (even had to run out and buy the right shade of blue floss for the mask).

Nacho Libre Tea Towel (Back)
Aaaand, what "Nacho Libre" towel would be complete without toast! I designed this little bit myself, actually drew it freehand onto the towel with a pencil and stitched over it.

"Monkey Pants" Tea Towel
This, actually, is a towel I stitched about a year ago, a gift for a good friend. I forgot to take pics of it before I gave it, and she was nice enough to snap a few pictures of it for me recently.

The quote is from a "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" episode, and the monkeys are from (I think my favorite) Sublime Stitching pattern. I did add the monkey pants myself, though.

There's still a few more finished projects I have to post, one being one of the works I'm most proud of ever. But this is a good start.

In real-life news, tomorrow I go back to work. I'm a bit's been about a month since I've been back in the city, and I'm still moving a little slowly. It should be okay though, once I get into the swing of things. Rejoining the world and all that stuff. Today, we're going to look at a new car. Wish us luck!


Brook said...

Oh I love love love all of these! The rabbit is so cute! The nacho libre is so funny!! I pretty much love them all equally!!!

Dana said...

Oh. my. God. I love these SO MUCH. I would kill for that bunny cross stitch. And the other ones are amazing, too - I totally love that you have a series of Buffy quotes you've made into craft projects.

I'm glad you're healing up, and hope the recovery goes smoothly.

Sherezada said...

Thank you! The bunny is by far my favorite. He's just so cute and stripey!

Dana, I'd be more than happy to stitch up a little bunny for you! Y'know, to keep you from committing that murder thing. Any preference in the stripe colors?

Dana said...

You don't have to do that! In all honesty, the murders are probably going to happen anyway. But if you DO make one and it happens to have a pink/green or orange/green or black/green stripe combination (really anything with green makes me happy), you would most certainly get a mosaic on your doorstop, in return.