Friday, December 5, 2008

Hand: "Tea Time" Shadowbox

This is something I've actually been holding onto for a long time, since late July, to be exact.

It's a shadowbox I made for my Mama's birthday in August, but upon completing it I deemed it far too fragile to ship. So, I held onto it until I could give it to her in person...which wasn't until she and Dad came up to visit for Thanksgiving.

She truly loved it, which I'm so happy about!

I cut the little table out of craft felt, and detailed it with backstiches. The flowers are from a lace trim, which I carefully cut out, and sewed on with seed beads in the center.

The tea set is a trio of pewter buttons I found in a shop on Haight Street, and were the inspiration for the whole project.

The background is layered craft paper and vellum.

The mat was a lucky find, since it matches the buttons so well!

I've mentioned previously how much my Mama and I love going to tea, so this was my little way of always being able to give her a tea party, even when I'm far away (awwww...).


Rachel said... adorable! how sweet! i'm sure it was better for the both of you to give it to her in person. it looks fantastic & i love shadow boxes!

Jessamy said...

Aww that's sweet. Very pretty too.

frenzykat said...

that's really nice!
shadow boxes are so much fun!

Brook said...

So cute!!! Love it!

Sherezada said...

Thanks everyone! I think I need to try to make more of these in the much fun!

Julie Phillips, aka Julieloveslucy SCS said...

Hi, I am visiting from the Feeling Stitchy blog. You have a very nice blog and I have enjoyed looking at it!

Happy Holidays

kaiwa4 said...

Hi! I commented after you on Feeling Stitchy.

A frame is the perfect finishing touch to a made-with-love craft project. It's also an art in and of itself :o)

Muddlepud said...

Hi! I came from Feeling Stitchy. This is a lovely project, very special. Merry Christmas!

sewhipbaby said...

Hi I commented after you (I think!) What a lovely shadow box, tea sets are great! You have some awesome embroideries!

Mari said...

I love shadowboxes! Your tea-party is very sweet and I am sure your Mum will cherish it!

Mari said...

ps.....I found you on Feeling Stitchy!

Peggy. said...

Very pretty. I'm glad Floresita suggested the comment expedition to get to know all of the other bloggers. Your site is so fun I will be back to visit soon.