Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Hand: Having a Hoot

"Hoot?" Get it? 'cause this post has owls...oh nevermind.

More fun with Annie Oakleaves patterns, only these come in a form of a test pattern that I volunteered to help stitch.

This one is the biggest of all the owls:

This one is my not-so-secret favorite:

This one I call "Tweaky," 'cause really, look at those eyes:

He looks like he's been awake for three days straight! In a cute way.

I'm hoping to stitch these onto some nice, rich, mustard colored napkins I picked up, in a patch sort of way. 'cause really, what dinner table doesn't need some owls to spice it up?


Knit - R - Done said...

These remind me of my Grandmother's house. Owls plus 70s colors equals wise old bird.

Sherezada said...

Thanks! I was going for that retro look, glad it came across. ;) Makes me think of ceramics.

frenzykat said...

those are really cute!
i'm beginning to love owls. a few of my friends have proclaimed their love a while back. i guess i'm just slow.

Sherezada said...

Thanks, Frenzykat! I was slow on the owl love myself, I always found them a little too...kitchy, I guess? But after stitching these up I'm a believer.

Rachel said...

i LOVE those owls! you did an amazing job & i love the colors!

floresita said...

These owls are so adorable! Are they in the embroidery group on Flickr? If not, they really should be!

Your holiday traditions sound delicious - I'm looking forward to tamales, too. Thanks for being part of the Feeling Stitchy Comment Expedition and have a wonderful holiday!

Sherezada said...

Thank *you*, Floresita, for organizing the game! It's been fun.

Yup, the owls are in the embroidery group. Always the first place I go to share my needlework :)

kaiwa4 said...

They each have their own personality. I like them all!

kikimonkey said...

Adorable owls! Awesome work!