Monday, August 25, 2008

Hand: Bobby Pin Barrettes

It's the last night of my staycation. Boo. Which means it really isn't a vacation night, since I have to go to bed early, not drink too much, and be a "good girl." Phooey.

At least I had a really nice week off. I got to see my brother, bake some treats, finish and start some crafts, play with the new Xbox (I finished The Darkness last night, yay!), and hang out lots with my husband. I wish every week could be like this one.

On the downside though, it was a pretty hectic week for hair in my apartment. I cut my husband's hair for the second time ever, chopping off a good 6-7 inches from his rocker-like tresses. I actually cried a little once I was done, and saw the hair curled up on the floor, so sad and separate from his head. I am so not a professional stylist! To be fair, he still has shoulder-length hair, it's all healthy and free of split ends, and he's THRILLED with's just taking me some serious getting used to.

On top of that, the "trim" I wanted at the salon turned into a bit of a hack n' burn, with the back only a couple of inches long and the front still shaggy and longish (the exact opposite of what I asked for). So, in order to soften the blow, I decided to make some pretty new barrettes to "encourage" me to love my really short hair. I'd seen some cute fabric button bobby pin barrettes on, and decided to try my hand at some:

I'm pretty pleased with them! I used a little button-maker-dealy and some cute fabric I picked up at Joann's, and some plain ol' bobby pins and hot glue. They do their job: keeping the shaggies out of my face while adding a touch of cute to my new butchie 'do.

Making these buttons also gave me some other crafty ideas to play with, so this isn't the last you've seen of these little fabric buttons...


Jigsaw Youth said...

those are really cute! i've had a few bad haircuts & only cried after one haha. what a good idea to make some cute clips for a bad haircut!

Sherezada said...

Thanks! It was just one of those "I have to make this NOW" moments, and off to the craft store I went!

Brook said...

OH no!!! bad hair cuts suck!! and trust me even really good hairdressers jack up peoples hair (i worked for one) but the clips are ssoooo cute!

Sherezada said...

Thanks, Brook! I'm really trying to make the best of a bad situation! ;)

I know, the hair is so sad. I went back specifically to this girl because she was so good when she took my hair from 3 feet to 3 inches...but I guess she was having an off day or something! The nice thing about hair is that it grows... ;)