Saturday, July 12, 2008

Hand: Living Room Gallery

Birthday Suits

Exactly a year ago today, I hung these paintings on my living room wall. It was a birthday present to myself. Not because they were a gift, per say, but because I had created them...finishing the series of four I had conceptualized more than two years before.

It was the first time I'd finished a genuine series of paintings.

I've since taken an involved painting class and completed many more, but these are special, and still hang on my wall (though my living room looks no where near as spiffy clean).

Please ignore the TV antenna in the detail picture.

It began with the heart, and finished with the diamond. A metaphorical way to sum up the year. Since then, there have been flowers, trees, cakes and a beating heart (of the human variety) committed to canvas in acrylic, with varying levels of success and commendation. I don't know exactly what that means for the last year, except that it was very, very full.

As I hope the next one will be.

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