Friday, December 30, 2011

Holiday's End and Sac-Con 2011 Re-Cap

The holiday storm is over. The air is still, the shops are empty. I feel a bit like that woman at the end of The Descent, clawing her way out of hell...

Okay, really, my holidays were not even close to being as bad as a cave of horrors (though Xmas shoppers can occasionally resemble a horde of blind, bloody-thirsty monsters). There was an epic drive up and down California, and some serious good times with my family amid a flurry of wrapping paper. I even got to reconnect with some old friends from high school that I hadn't seen in years. I truly got what I wanted for Xmas this year.

Amid all the festivities, I failed to notice my Sac-Con 2011 re-cap up at the Red Stylo Media website. If you're curious to see the world's cutest little Marcus Fenix (as well as see how the show went) give it a read!

I wish I could say 2011 was going to end on a mellow note, but there would be no fun in that. After nearly nine years of living in the same apartment, the husband (aka Professor Lefty) and I are upgrading to new digs. The next few days will be a rush of sorting, packing, tossing, and schlepping. New year, new home!

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