Monday, April 11, 2011

Secret Breakfast Ice Cream

What a great weekend. Got some work done on some important projects, started a new co-op video game with the Professor (yay Lego Harry Potter), and went to the first outdoor dinner party of the season. Productive, relaxing, and fun.

The food at the party was delicious: roast lamb with mint sauce, oven-roasted purple potatoes, and sauteed mustard greens. However, what keeps haunting me is the ice cream that one of the guests brought for dessert.

I'd never even heard of Humphry Slocombe Ice Cream before yesterday. This made me doubly sad since it opened just a few blocks from one of the offices I used to work for back in my nonprofit days.

We sampled two flavors, Blue Bottle Vietnamese Coffee and Secret Breakfast. What's so secret about this breakfast? Perhaps it's the toasted cornflakes. Or maybe it's the Jim Beam.

I am not a whiskey person at all. But the combination of creamy sweetness, crispy cereal bits, and bourbon bite had me almost swooning.I'd never had anything like it. Paired with the coffee flavor, it was the perfect decadent breakfast-themed dessert.

I think a visit to my old work-stomping grounds may be in order soon. Check out this list of flavors that Humphry Slocombe offers. I'm so very curious about the Russian Imperial Stout flavor. Or the Peanut Butter Curry. Or Government Cheese. Or...

[Photo by Krista Garcia]


Drake Sigar said...

I think I... yes, I'm drooling. :P

Sherezada said...

It's hard not to when looking at that list of flavors!