Monday, September 8, 2008

Hand: Leftover Lanterns

As I mentioned yesterday when posting my Chinese Dragon wall hanging, I lopped the lanterns off the top of the original design, since I wasn't happy with the overall layout. Not one to waste good embroidery, I decided to give the little guys the same treatment I gave the bigger piece:

I made mini-wall hangings! Honestly, I think I might like these even more than the bigger piece, but maybe that's because they were so much fun to make. I got to paw through my vintage button collection (which I got at a garage sale back in high school) and go buy some pretty fabric to go with the ones I didn't have matching fabric for.

This little round one is my favorite one. Turquoise and chocolate brown is quickly becoming one of my favorite color combinations:

This one reminds me of a sundress my Mama used to have:

This one...I got a little button-happy on. But I still like it!

As with the dragon, these were all stitched using Sublime Stitching's "China Town" pattern. They're all roughly two and a half inches wide, so they're fairly small!

Now all I need to do is add some pretty ribbon loops to the back, and I can hang 'em up! I was thinking of doing each design again in each different color, so they can be hung in a more coordinated display...but maybe I'll wait to try that with a different pattern. After looking at this one for so long, I'm kind of ready to move on!


Brook said...

So cute! I love the brown the blue one!!

Katie Kutthroat said...

i love the first one but they are all great!

Rachel said...

I really like these! The designs are simple but so pretty.

Sherezada said...

Thank you, all! :)